Final Project

image_two1Group members: Saskia Nagel, Jorge Barragan
Project: Interlocking Wall System
Material: MDF wood
Technique: CNC mill
Description: the system would be made up of cells which interlock with each other. The cell itself would be made from MDF wood and milled out by layers/contour sections. The final product will be these contour sections glued together to create the “atom” cell. These “atoms” plug into eachother. The wall system consists of two rows of cells so that it can actually stand on its own and has a thickness of 8″ which means each cell or “atom” is 4″ wide.













Pseudo script:

Make array of 4 points

Copy these 4 points and move them 4” up on the z axis

create a cube using these 8 points

create spheres using each of the 8 points as the spheres’ centers

subtract the total volume of the 4 spheres  from the cube



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