EunKyoung Kim_ week1 vases

Imagining to use the same size of base material, all the height of the base is same and not exceeding the limit of it. The vertical position of the neck (converging point) is climbing and the size of opening is getting smaller related to the distance from the converging point. 
‘Script added by EunKyoung.Kim
‘Script copyrighted by EK2
‘Script version Tuesday, October 28, 2008 4:31:06 PM
Call Cleareverything()
Call Main()
Sub Main()
 Dim arrPlane, i, j, strCrv(), strInnerCrv(), strSrf1, strSrf2, arrLftSrf1, arrLftSrf2, arrLftSrf3
 For j = 0 To 5
  For i = 0 To 10
   ReDim Preserve strCrv(i)
   ReDim Preserve strInnerCrv(i)
   arrPlane = Rhino.PlaneFromPoints (Array(0,j*25,i*5), Array(1,j*25,i*5), Array(0,j*25+1,i*5))
   If i < j+1 Then
    strCrv(i) = Rhino.AddCircle (arrPlane, (15-i)/2)
    strInnerCrv(i) = Rhino.AddCircle (arrPlane, (15-i)/2-1)
    If i = 0 Then
     Call Rhino.MoveObject (strInnerCrv(i),Array(0,0,0),Array(0,0,1))
    End If
    If i = j+1 Or i = j+2 Then
     strCrv(i) = Rhino.AddCircle (arrPlane, 3.0)
     strInnerCrv(i) = Rhino.AddCircle (arrPlane, 2.0)
     strCrv(i) = Rhino.AddCircle (arrPlane, i-(j+1))
     strInnerCrv(i) = Rhino.AddCircle (arrPlane, i-(j+1)-1)
    End If
   End If
   If i = 0 Then
    strSrf1 = Rhino.AddPlanarSrf (strCrv)
    strSrf2 = Rhino.AddPlanarSrf (strInnerCrv)
   End If
   If i = 10 Then
    arrLftSrf1 = Rhino.AddLoftSrf (Array(strCrv(i),strInnerCrv(i)))
   End If
  arrLftSrf2 = Rhino.AddLoftSrf (strCrv,,,1)
  arrLftSrf3 = Rhino.AddLoftSrf (strInnerCrv,,,1)
  Call Rhino.JoinSurfaces (Array(arrLftSrf1(0),arrLftSrf2(0),arrLftSrf3(0),strsrf1(0),strsrf2(0)),True)
  Call Rhino.deleteobjects (strCrv)
  Call Rhino.DeleteObjects (strInnerCrv)
End Sub
Sub Cleareverything()
 Call Rhino.Command(“SelAll”)
 Call Rhino.Command(“delete”)
End Sub


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