Rika: vases… waves

‘Option Explicit
‘Script written by mark.bearak
‘Script modified by rika chaudhry
‘Script copyrighted by dtls.Architecture
‘Script version Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Call Main()
Sub Main()
 Dim arrPlane, arrPlane2, i, j, strCrv(), strInnerCrv()
 Dim intWidth : intWidth  = 8
 Dim intMatWidth : intMatWidth = .25
 Dim intTopWid : intTopWid = intWidth – 2
 For j = 0 To 5
  For i = 0 To 10
   ReDim Preserve strCrv(i)
   ReDim Preserve strInnerCrv(i)
   arrPlane = Rhino.PlaneFromPoints (Array(0,j*35,i*(j+1)), Array(1,j*35,i*(j+1)), Array(0,j*35+1,i*(j+1)))
   arrPlane2 = Rhino.PlaneFromPoints (Array(i+j,j*35,i*(j+1)), Array(i+j+1,j*35,i*(j+1)), Array(i+j,j*35+1,i*(j+1)))
   If i=j-4 Or i=j-2 Or i=j Or i=j+2 Or i=j+4  Then
    strCrv(i) = Rhino.Addellipse (arrPlane, intWidth+i-j,intWidth+i)
    strInnerCrv(i) = Rhino.Addellipse (arrPlane, intWidth+i-j-intMatWidth,intWidth+i-intMatWidth)
    strCrv(i) = Rhino.AddCircle (arrPlane2, intWidth+j-intTopWid)
    strInnerCrv(i) = Rhino.AddCircle (arrPlane2, intWidth+j-intTopWid-intMatWidth)
   End If
  Call Rhino.AddLoftSrf (strCrv,,,2)
  Call Rhino.AddLoftSrf (strInnerCrv,,,2)
  Call Rhino.deleteobjects (strCrv)
End Sub


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