Final Project Description

We would like to make furniture which has various heights and curvatures on its surface. Initiating with the idea that different height and curvature can make various function, parametrically generated furniture allows continuous but function-various surface. It can be used as table, chair or shelve in each part.

We start to think about the rib structure rather than continuous section cut in a sense that it takes more strength with less material. If the rib-structuring method lets better strength, it is also possible that we can use lighter material and, accordingly, a different machine which is easy to deal with.

*Referencing Images

#1 from SoftOfficeNYC

9 101

#2 from SoftOfficeNYC

41 5

#3 from Matthias Pliessni

matthias-pliessnig matthias-pliessnig2


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