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Toad Stools



Toad Stool by Adrian, Rika, Sonal



Pseudo code

_input height

_adjust width (of base and top) according to height

_input number of sections

_loop depending on number of sections

_generate curves for sections

_generate surface from curves

_offset surface

_rotate sections around a point (angle based on number of sections)

_draw ellipse for seat based on width of top of sections

_make surface from ellipse, extrude

_get top profile of stool from rotated stool, use to cut notches in seat

_lay out for contour cut for mill

Final project proposal

Group :  Adrian, Sonal and Rika

Project:  Toadstools

Material: laminated wood/ chipboard, foam, MDF, maybe hardware.

Description: a series of stools that conforms to the physical aspects of the specific users. The stools come together to form a larger stoolscape.